Landscape Irrigation Repair and Aerobic & Conventional Septic Maintenance

Landscape Irrigation Repair and Aerobic & Conventional Septic Maintenance

Landscape Irrigation, Aerobic and Conventional Systems

Installation Maintenance Repair


We take care of the system from the concept to the long term care of the System.

Licensed Site Evaluator

Licensed Installer II

Licensed Maintenance Provider

Licensed Landscape Irrigator LI16901

Licensed Backflow Tester

Let the system Blend in and not be seen.


Let the system be used in and enhance the landscape with remote installs and a clean finish. 

Experience Counts


23 Years working with utilities and landscaping . Have worked with large diameter industrial pipe to landscape irrigation. We can handle residential to commercial systems.  

About Us


Licensed Insured Dependable

23 years working with small and large municipal governments , the third largest wastewater plant in the state of Texas , and homeowners for the past 8 years.  Firm understanding of different and established methods  of operations and maintenance.  


Licensed Site Evaluator 

To help with proper site design

Licensed Installer II

Trained for proper installation and repair

Licensed maintenance provider

trained for proper maintenance of the system


Compact to Large

Available in sizes from 500 gallons per day to 1,000,000 gallons per day to serve residential, commercial and industrial applications 

Why I Chose Clearstream

          Clearstream Wastewater Treatment Systems have been tested and certified by NSF, International to meet and exceed the requirements of the International Standard 40 evaluation developed by NSF and the Council of Public Health Consultants. In addition to the testing of our products by NSF, Clearstream has for many years successfully marketed its treatment systems nationally and internationally to meet a wide range of regulatory requirements. You can count on Clearstream products to work for you.

          Clearstream does not believe that the "State of the Art" in wastewater treatment systems is to see how complicated we can make a treatment system. We have based our business on the concept that "State of the Art" is to make the system as simple as possible while consistently providing a product that produces the highest degree of water quality. We strive for and have obtained simplicity and reliability of performance with our products. When special applications are encountered, Clearstream has all the necessary accessories to meet those needs. Some of these accessories include denitrification, tertiary filtration, chlorination, ozone or ultra violet disinfection, and remote electronic monitoring.

          Although wastewater treatment systems are our life at Clearstream, we understand they are not and should not be constantly on your mind. Our mission is for the consumer not to be bothered by frequent malfunctions of their wastewater treatment system. The user friendly design of our equipment, along with the finest materials and components available, ensure long, trouble-free performance of our treatment systems.

          Clearstream manufactures treatment systems constructed of " Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic" commonly called Fiberglass, and we also have Precast Reinforced Concrete tanks available. Our Fiberglass tanks are constructed of the finest chemical resistant isophthalic polyester resins and the best fiberglass reinforcement strands available. These tanks have been tested and certified by an approved IAPMO testing laboratory to meet and exceed the stringent construction requirements of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). In addition, Clearstream Fiberglass tanks have passed the test of time. Many thousands of our Fiberglass tanks have been in successful service for many years. Clearstream Precast Reinforced Concrete tanks are designed by structural engineers specializing in precast design. Our Precast Reinforced Concrete tanks meet the appropriate ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) construction standards and have demonstrated excellent service in the field. Both the FRP and Concrete Clearstream tanks utilize only non-corrosive hardware. All hardware items are either PVC, Stainless Steel, Polyethylene or Neoprene. Corrosion is a major problem with buried tanks, particularly when they exist in a corrosive wastewater environment. Because Clearstream does not cut corners, we manufacture tanks that provide many years of services without structural failure or leakage.

          Clearstream's aerators, control panels and accessory equipment are manufactured in the U.S.A. The aerator is housed in an attractive, protective enclosure that not only protects the aerator from the elements, but is also aesthetically pleasing. The Clearstream control panels utilize UL approved weather proof panel boxes designed for outdoor service. Clearstream has a long record of providing our customers with top quality materials and components at competitive prices.

          Clearstream warrants its equipment for two years, without hidden conditions. Our equipment, of course, lasts much longer than the warranty we provide, but we do not believe prorated warranties that involve complicated warranty procedures exceptions and exclusions. Our warranty is simple - if the equipment is defective, we will either give you a new one or repair the one you have. We choose not to use our warranty as a sales gimmick. The warranty replacement of defective components is a serious subject to us. We want to process our warranties without complications or controversy.

          We believe Clearstream to be the most cost effective treatment system on the market. We believe this because we have made that one of our primary design considerations. The simple design and easy access to all Clearstream components and compartments allow service personnel to do their work with as little effort as possible. That translates into savings for you the consumer. With our many years of experience in the wastewater business, we designed the system so that when service is necessary, it can be accomplished without interrupting your schedule or requiring your yard to be dug up. The Clearstream units' aerators use very little electricity. The 500N's aerator uses about the same number of watts of electricity as a small light bulb.

          Clearstream only sells its products to professional on-site installers. Clearstream offers not only initial factory training for installation and service of our equipment, but we also provide on-going training and factory backup for problems encountered by our wholesale customers. Clearstream maintains one of the largest networks of wholesale customers in the industry because of our hands-on relationship with our customers. Clearstream's unparalleled experience allows us to help our customers solve potential problems that may occur. This backup assures you that not only do you have a local professional at your service, but you also have Clearstream's experience behind your local on-site professional.

          To be confident of who you are doing business with, we urge you to check out both Clearstream and the professional on-site installer with the Better Business Bureau and the local permitting authority over the on-site program in your area. We are proud of our reputation and business practices and encourage potential customers to check on our record.  

Quality makes for Great Function

The System I Back 

 The Clearstream System has a two-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase 

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